Photographer, Marketer, and Corgi owner

Hey there!

I’m Alex. I graduated in the fall of 2019 right here from the University of New Mexico with a degree in business Marketing. I would assume that my passion for marketing has allowed me to pursue freelance photography at this point in my life (I’m currently 21). And while I do have a day job as a social media manager for a local company in Santa Fe, New Mexican, I love taking photos and editing pictures in my downtime.

My days of photography go wayyy back to before middle school. I would take pictures on my dad’s old-school camera (I think it was a Cannon probably from 2000). And when my family and I would go on family vacations, I would steal the family camera and use it for myself.

I’m glad to say that my knowledge and expertise has improved too since middle school. But, so has my style! Which is always a good thing in my opinion. Please, don’t hesitate to reach out to me for ANYTHING. Thank you for taking time out to read about me!

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